Fresh new start: Metamorf Reboots

Change is inevitable. So here we are! With an All new remixed version of Metamorf.

What happened behind the scenes?

We understand Metamorfers and their need to read content in a slick urban reading environment. And we wanted to give you just that! We banged our heads for more than a week to get things right for Metamorf.

Code Chef and I worked and reworked the site through Information restructuring, streamlining the interaction, working on adding the colors of the season to the brand refresh to make it a supercool plunge for Metamorfers (read: We love you lots! You guys rock Metamorf!).

Whats New?

  1. You click on the post title to get to the post detail page, with Comments and all the glitz.

  2. The post title links to the permanent link(permalink) of the post.

  3. You can click on the '# Comments' on each post to read and post comments without the need to go to the detail page.

  4. The 'Fresh Juice' section has the recent posts, and the 'Old Wine' is the Archives section

  5. The 'About the Juicewallah' section tells you about the guy who squeezes da lemons. To ask him for a date, you can mail him at the email address provided (He loves dates and is overdated at the moment. Check the dates before you ask him).

What else?

This redesign marks the Birthmonth of Metamorf (Somebody suggested a Metameet for all Metamorfers--Good idea!). Any Birthday suggestions, ideas, raves? Send them in! We are listenin'!

This redesign was also in time to be listed amongst the Slickest designs in the Reboot world.

What can you do?

Send us your love by rating Metamorf at CSSReboot. Here.