So much in common

January 29, 2006


Too much in common

"What happened?"


"Heyy, Don't just don't do that... tell me."

"Awww... Please let go..."

"But you were almost so close... you told me it was Love at First Sight, No?"

"Yeah... It was ... I fell for her the first time I saw her... she was the girl of my dreams"

"You keep telling me about the kind of life you'd spend with her...Whatever happened suddenly? What killed the romance? And you had so much in common..."

"Yes, She was just my wavelength..."

"...And she had an amazing sense of you"

"Intellectual too! That turned me on always!"

"I don't understand, you liked music, she liked music, you liked art, so did she, you liked joking..."

"and she liked joking, I liked fast bikes, she liked fast bikes..."

"then what was the prob (*cough*)"

"I liked girls, and she liked girls"

" *cough* *gulp* "

Turn me on!

January 20, 2006


What turns you on?
EDIT: Ah well, This post helped me find the rapper in myself.

Well, this is an amazing image that I got from somewhere (I don't remember where I got this from, courtesy my awesome memory) but I am just using it for pushing this post of mine. No chauvinism whatsoever.

Some time back, we talked about stuff that turned us off. Well, there are things that lace us up with that extra aviation fuel. There's stuff that gives us that mind-boggling adrenaline rush. Yeah, we are talking about stuff that gets us going.

Now, last time I told you what turns me off before you did. This time it's your turn. You tell me what turns you on, and you will soon know what's on my side(Making a list of 100 items is going to take a helluva time, no?).

By the way, this week was an amazing mix of bathos and surprises. More to come on that soon.

What turns people off?

January 10, 2006


Hell, yeah, It turns me off!
It's not always that things go on according to the script. Many a times, there are incongruencies. There are situations which you may not feel at home with. We all wake up in different beds, tread different roads, and reach different destinations time and again. But still, one thing that is inevitable is the change.

There are so many things that do not align to the way we want them to be.

Here are a few things that really turn me off (and maybe you too?):

  • Arguments with prejudice.

  • People blowing their own teeny-weeny horns, when they know you have a huge surround-sound system with a 2000W Output!

  • Uncle-generation (or the ones who couldn't keep up with the pace) dismissing newer but bright ideas and facts, at times even due to ignorance.

  • Workplace politics

  • Workplace taunts

  • Workplace Uncles (there's no reason why they are there, but to make you wonder how much dumber and older you should be to get to that chair—nice rhyme)

  • People passing 'making a paper airplane' as 'fabricating the world lightest microlight aircraft system' and feeling great about it.

  • People who say a song is 'crap', but do not understand that different people may have different tastes. (How can a song be crap? It's your taste that's not aligned to the song's genre.)

  • People who don't know that every latest haute couture may not suit them.

  • Dishonest people/Liars

  • *Stab* Make that *Stab* buffalo-munching-on-grass sound while eating again. *Stab* *Stab*

There are more that I will add as I recall them. We will soon talk about what turns us on. But till then, do tell us what makes you go konk!

Chat snippets

January 07, 2006


Insightful Chat
She: hamain to lagta hai ki pichle janam main tum teacher the
He: Haahahaa
She: waise tum har baat main philosophy kyon dhoondhte rehte ho?
He: Philosophy dhoondta nahee rehtaa hoon..
He: it is always there...
He: people do not see it...
He: Everything happens for a reason...
She: Accha
He: and if you are conscious enough to manipulate the reason, from which many things are born, you can control your destiny

He: sachhai ko samajhnaa zaroori hai..
He: baad me pachtaane se koi faayeda naheee hogaa..
She: haan woh to sab theek hai
He: Waqt kisikiliye nahee ruktaa...
He: Aaaj Main hoon...
He: Tumhe samajh rahaa hoon..
He: samajhaa rahaa hoon...
She: yaa
He: kal main nahee rahoonga..
She: ham bhi thoda thoda samajh rahe hain
He: Waqt bhi aisaa hi hai..
He: Aaaj agar kisi aur ko pasand hai isliye tumne apane bageeche mein phoolon ki jagah cactus ugaaye...
He: toh kal tumhe khushboo nahee milegi..
He: sirf dard milega..
He: Toh... Aaj agar tumhaarii pasand yeh kehti hain ki tumhe apane bageeche mein phool dekhne hain...
He: Toh tum cactus kyun lagaaogee?

He: There are people who are not turned on my monetary gains, or material desires...These are the ones who crave for excellence, compete with themselves and always try pushing their limits
He: These people would go on relentlessly without fuel
He: Because I see a pattern... that proximity without gray matter gets the applause at the end of the day...
He: It's the people who report killing several rats in a day... who get noticed
He: and others who'd kill a Lion once in a week, and not advertise it...
He: nobody pats their backs... not EVERYBODY is an exhibitionist

Die Hard

January 03, 2006


Is it easier to stay and fight, or to go?
A suicide note along with a wallet was discovered from his pocket.

It was a one-liner, "My studies have not being going well, so I am committing suicide."

What's takes more courage — Life or Ending Life?

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