Too much in common

"What happened?"


"Heyy, Don't just don't do that... tell me."

"Awww... Please let go..."

"But you were almost so close... you told me it was Love at First Sight, No?"

"Yeah... It was ... I fell for her the first time I saw her... she was the girl of my dreams"

"You keep telling me about the kind of life you'd spend with her...Whatever happened suddenly? What killed the romance? And you had so much in common..."

"Yes, She was just my wavelength..."

"...And she had an amazing sense of you"

"Intellectual too! That turned me on always!"

"I don't understand, you liked music, she liked music, you liked art, so did she, you liked joking..."

"and she liked joking, I liked fast bikes, she liked fast bikes..."

"then what was the prob (*cough*)"

"I liked girls, and she liked girls"

" *cough* *gulp* "