Hell, yeah, It turns me off!
It's not always that things go on according to the script. Many a times, there are incongruencies. There are situations which you may not feel at home with. We all wake up in different beds, tread different roads, and reach different destinations time and again. But still, one thing that is inevitable is the change.

There are so many things that do not align to the way we want them to be.

Here are a few things that really turn me off (and maybe you too?):

  • Arguments with prejudice.

  • People blowing their own teeny-weeny horns, when they know you have a huge surround-sound system with a 2000W Output!

  • Uncle-generation (or the ones who couldn't keep up with the pace) dismissing newer but bright ideas and facts, at times even due to ignorance.

  • Workplace politics

  • Workplace taunts

  • Workplace Uncles (there's no reason why they are there, but to make you wonder how much dumber and older you should be to get to that chair—nice rhyme)

  • People passing 'making a paper airplane' as 'fabricating the world lightest microlight aircraft system' and feeling great about it.

  • People who say a song is 'crap', but do not understand that different people may have different tastes. (How can a song be crap? It's your taste that's not aligned to the song's genre.)

  • People who don't know that every latest haute couture may not suit them.

  • Dishonest people/Liars

  • *Stab* Make that *Stab* buffalo-munching-on-grass sound while eating again. *Stab* *Stab*

There are more that I will add as I recall them. We will soon talk about what turns us on. But till then, do tell us what makes you go konk!