Is it a G-String or well... Any other ideas?
The India fashion week fever hasn't yet subsided, and neither have hormonally-charged-kiddos forgotten the Kaanta Lagaa Video(where the G-String was first shown to our nation—a cultural hypocrite).

Well, Let's go back a little. Erm... Not little. Well, let's go back a Lot! Say, 3rd Century AD.

Divers exploring a river near a former Roman Empire fort and settlement in Britain have found a piece of pottery that depicts the backside of a rather buff gladiator wielding a whip and wearing nothing but a G-string, according to British researchers.

The image represents the first known depiction of a gladiator in such revealing attire. It adds to the evidence that ancient Romans viewed gladiators not only as fearless warriors, but also as sex symbols.

Hmm... History was taking a nap maybe, before it could repeat itself.