Wandering thirst

May 29, 2006


Wandering thirst
Tu Haqueeqat hai, Main sirf ek Ehsaas hoon
Tu Samandar hai, Main bhatkee hui pyaas hoon

The closest in English:

You are the fact, I am a mere feeling,
You are the sea, I am the wandering thirst.


Many happy returns

May 24, 2006


Happy Birthday!
May 24, 2005

A chap in his mid-twenties, walks in sweltering heat, and contemplates the huge move he has made. Was it worth the pain? Would it do any good? He looked for a companion to share, and found a void, and a maze within.

He scrambles over strewn vegetables from a greengrocer's den, and stumbles across a cyber cafe. His fingers trembled and eyes scanned for a scrollbar. CyberCafe. Internet. The Web.

Three long hours and perspiring towards dehydration, he didn't even curse the Cafe owner for the bad condition of the Air Conditioner. Instead, he thanked him.

He found himself in the secluded warmth of a cubicle. He found the computer. It was bliss. He tapped on, and scanned across. He just watched the computer. There was this mystical flickering glow in her face.

He had ideas running around in his head. And she showed him promise to make them happen. And then, Metamorf was born.

May 24, 2006

Metamorf has taken baby-steps and learnt to mimic "a small step for man, a giant leap for mankind(and womankind :^) )". One full year of fun, frolic, emotion, politics, science and growing up.

Wait and watch while Metamorf starts running around and dropping names. The doctor's shots seem to have nitro-powered Metamorf, and it'll soon appear that it's on steroids. It'll eventually begin to speak up much more than the usual "gaga googoo".

"Awwwlelele... Bacche! Watch 'em Uncles and Aunties. They ale shayin' Happy Birthday!"

"Oye, I said Uncles and Aunties. Hey, will you leave 'er alone! Aunt Helda will get angry if you keep pulling at her... Ooops! No...erm I didn't see a thing!"

Well, Kiddo's growin' up. For sure.

Okay, We are having a blast and we want you to have one too! Here's how:

Metamorf $75 Webspace GiveAway!

Don't forget to use the Promocode: AK75 when the hosting company asks for one. That's what will get you the amazing 75 bucks off!


There isn't a door

May 22, 2006


There is no door
He was made to love her. She made him so.
He fought back none at all, and flowed with the current,
dismissed the past and let the future go,
but unlikely again, He took the present

He took the present, and he looked in her eyes,
and "Will you marry me?" was the question to her,
She declined the present, and talked of the future,
"The design's like that, and we can't be together."

Broken, as he was, he picked pieces of his self,
shuffled as a deck, looking at her in vain,
His knotted eyebrows killed the spring in his eyes,
Tasting the tears that he swallowed with pain

She was the one, who showed him the way,
pulled him like a magnet, made him love from the core,
Now she pulled the shades, and ripped the walls naked,
and tells him with a snicker "There isn't a door!"

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Hang your quote

May 15, 2006


Hang your quote
There must be some quote that keeps you going — some quote that you actually live by. I too have some spontaneous quotations which keep me ticking.

For one, I love this one:

"Dream like you'll live forever. Live like you'll die tomorrow."

And, another one that goes:

"You should always push your limits, because if you never fail, you will never succeed."

There definitely will be something out there that inspires you to achieve, love and enjoy life.

If there's something that is an intrinsic part of how you live life, hang it here.

Go ahead, Hang your quote in the comments area.



May 05, 2006


Thanks for the love
This post comes with a thank you note for all the lovely guys at CSSRemix, tom.ma ScreenBlog and CSSMania for featuring Metamorf on their sites. And also a big thank you to all the Metamorfers for the ever-flowing love to help Metamorf stand apart as a kick-ass place on the web!

Talking of Love, we have two questions of the moment:

  1. How many times did you fall in love?

  2. If you think you love two people at the same time, how do you decide which one?
    (Considering that the one you choose, will be the one you will lead your life with.)


Metamorf Reboots

May 02, 2006


Fresh new start: Metamorf Reboots

Change is inevitable. So here we are! With an All new remixed version of Metamorf.

What happened behind the scenes?

We understand Metamorfers and their need to read content in a slick urban reading environment. And we wanted to give you just that! We banged our heads for more than a week to get things right for Metamorf.

Code Chef and I worked and reworked the site through Information restructuring, streamlining the interaction, working on adding the colors of the season to the brand refresh to make it a supercool plunge for Metamorfers (read: We love you lots! You guys rock Metamorf!).

Whats New?

  1. You click on the post title to get to the post detail page, with Comments and all the glitz.

  2. The post title links to the permanent link(permalink) of the post.

  3. You can click on the '# Comments' on each post to read and post comments without the need to go to the detail page.

  4. The 'Fresh Juice' section has the recent posts, and the 'Old Wine' is the Archives section

  5. The 'About the Juicewallah' section tells you about the guy who squeezes da lemons. To ask him for a date, you can mail him at the email address provided (He loves dates and is overdated at the moment. Check the dates before you ask him).

What else?

This redesign marks the Birthmonth of Metamorf (Somebody suggested a Metameet for all Metamorfers--Good idea!). Any Birthday suggestions, ideas, raves? Send them in! We are listenin'!

This redesign was also in time to be listed amongst the Slickest designs in the Reboot world.

What can you do?

Send us your love by rating Metamorf at CSSReboot. Here.


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