Happy Birthday!
May 24, 2005

A chap in his mid-twenties, walks in sweltering heat, and contemplates the huge move he has made. Was it worth the pain? Would it do any good? He looked for a companion to share, and found a void, and a maze within.

He scrambles over strewn vegetables from a greengrocer's den, and stumbles across a cyber cafe. His fingers trembled and eyes scanned for a scrollbar. CyberCafe. Internet. The Web.

Three long hours and perspiring towards dehydration, he didn't even curse the Cafe owner for the bad condition of the Air Conditioner. Instead, he thanked him.

He found himself in the secluded warmth of a cubicle. He found the computer. It was bliss. He tapped on, and scanned across. He just watched the computer. There was this mystical flickering glow in her face.

He had ideas running around in his head. And she showed him promise to make them happen. And then, Metamorf was born.

May 24, 2006

Metamorf has taken baby-steps and learnt to mimic "a small step for man, a giant leap for mankind(and womankind :^) )". One full year of fun, frolic, emotion, politics, science and growing up.

Wait and watch while Metamorf starts running around and dropping names. The doctor's shots seem to have nitro-powered Metamorf, and it'll soon appear that it's on steroids. It'll eventually begin to speak up much more than the usual "gaga googoo".

"Awwwlelele... Bacche! Watch 'em Uncles and Aunties. They ale shayin' Happy Birthday!"

"Oye, I said Uncles and Aunties. Hey, will you leave 'er alone! Aunt Helda will get angry if you keep pulling at her... Ooops! No...erm I didn't see a thing!"

Well, Kiddo's growin' up. For sure.

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