Past Forward
Sometime in our past, almost everyone of us fell for someone. A fleeting glance made someone crave, and a whiff of parfum mesmerized someone far away. Almost everyone fell.

Like most of you, I must admit—I did. Some silhouette cast its shadows on the cobwebs of my mind. Wiping out the clutter and opening doors of varied perceptions.

I was at my creative best. I acted, drew, sung, mixed, crooned, awed, dreamt. And I dreamt some more.

Well, a few days ago, while fighting scorpions in my attic, I found something. Something that worked as a Time Machine. 'Coz it took me back to the time when any kingdom I ever dreamt of was ruled by me. A CD that was labeled XFiles2. I found an array of sound files, most of them mp3s.

And then, I came across a snapshot of my life. One which I had captured in words and music.

A snapshot of my Life (1.5 MB | Mp3)
(Hit the blue play button, or click the link to download the file!)
(For the purists, this was just an experiment. And yes, I take full responsibility of the Gaussian noise.)

Did you ever travel back in the time machine?