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All right folks! I am here, and I am podcasting.

Tell me why! — The First MetaCast
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Now, I don't know a reason why I am doing this. Well, in simpler terms, talking online. I never get a chance to speak to anybody offline as much. So why should I be talkin' online?

Well, to tell you the real reason, a few of my friends (yeah, some of you folks out there) wanted me to start talking online.

"Hey man! You should start podcastin'!"
They never could cook up a good reason to tell me why. They just said "Well, Just because, you should go out, and speak to the guys at metamorf."

So you tell me, why should I? Why do you want me to podcast? Yeah go on, tell me why. I am listening.


Yes, Don't tell me that I sound weird. Actually, before beginning to record my metaCast, I thought I will have a shot or two of the Supertonic Deethrovomprover (Deep Throat, Voice Improver) that's endorsed by Britney's pears (I am bad at names, I have a feeling it's Britney Spears—I dunno!).

Actually, this was one called Deethrovomprover powerSqueeze (and I didn't see), and I took two spoonfulls instead of two drops. My vocal chords clanged and my eyes rolled for quite a while.

My doc says, it'll be all right in some time, but my voice may modulate without reason at times. The rolling eyes also stopped in the morning, but in the wrong directions. I need to get them fixed. So much for podcastin'!

Lesson learnt: No Pears powerSqueeze can do any good.