Feelin' better already
Days are not tough to pass anymore. The Boredom has eased out of my schedule, or atleast taking a nap somewhere. Went to Kaka's place on this Saturday, and hit back home. The Batata Vadas were scrumptuous, and Vibhay (the other Marathi guy from SapeStart) loved 'em!

Sunday was slated for the laundry, but was taken over by a fervour to watch a movie. I figured out a simple formula...
"The chances of someone liking a movie, is directly proportional to the amount of money spent in procuring the tickets!"
Obviously, we ended up liking the movie.

We had some time (around 2.5 hours) before the movie where we spent a good chunk munching pizzas at Debonair's. Walked around the blinks(special effect laden shops, which sell a molehill at a mountain's price), where I grabbed a decent shirt, and an khadi kurta caught Vibhay's eye.

Sarkar, a RGV take on the Godfather, was a real good one in recent times. Good cinematography turns me on, and this one was like 8 or 9 on 10! The opening scene with a mix-match of multiple lenses to create an massive impression of the fortress was mind boggling. It had a dizzying effect and was a never-before in Indian Cinema.

Hope my Bangalore-switch works out fine!