Express Post: Quick Updates
Here we are again! And like always, you too must be having a tough time at your workplaces (I have seen a few speedbreakers, recently). I am so, so glad that we have this place where we can sit together and blabber nonsense for hours, never waiting to ponder whether somebody's listening or not. Anyway, it's more like a relay race out here at Metamorf. And it's because of all the folks that come together to Jam and Rock the place!

We have tried figuring out each others' mailbox sizes, tried scouring flickr to figure out what our names look like and done a zillion other hyper-zealous stuff to unwind.

Srinivas is the one who has consumed his GmailBox the least (12MB! Why did you ever need a Gmail account? :^D) and no points for guessing who consumed the most ;^).

I'll leave it to all of you to decide whose name looks best on flickr.

We had a few quirky polls too, and for those of you who missed the action, we have some amazing results!

POLL RESULT: Out of 58 people, 23 said they'd like to see more Lifehacks on Metamorf, 3 Went in for Podcasts, 8 for ponderables, 9 for MetaToons, and a surprising 15 wanted to talk about relationships.

POLL RESULT: When 66 people were asked how their first love was like, 30 said they couldn't come out of it, 13 said it was just a crush, 8 were ditched by their partners, 9 still wonder what love is, and it worked out for a mere 6 people.

ONGOING POLL: Out of 26, 8 would die for a friend, and a Whopping 18 would watch a friend dying! Let's watch what wins—friendship or practicality.