Express Post: Meshing with the truth
She rode on the horse of her memories to seep into the horizon. Far, far away, she saw a speck that never grew in size. She yearned to see the smile on the speck's face. She imagined the sweat trickling from his brow and evaporating before it could hit the ground. She wanted to cull all the drops in the cusp of her fragile hands, her fingers outstretched and meshing with the truth. The truth that was dark, stark and permanent. He was not. He was gone. She was not. She remained.

A new introduction to Metamorf, this is an Express Post. An Express Post is one that would include breaking news, some literati, some great website in some corner of the web, some amazing recipe, or anything that is worthy of a mention or a post.

The Express Post usually would deviate from the regular posting styles at Metamorf. It's like a "quickie". The difference it'd have from regular posts is that it's a smaller post sans images (but has the Express Post header ), but some quick, perky (maybe even semi-daily) content that doesn't fit elsewhere. This is a move to keep Metamorf fresher, and a fast-track way to involve you in the choicest ponderings.