How to wake up early?
There are more than one ways to wake up early in the morning. Some people hack their sleep, and some people manipulate their metabolism.

As a kid, when I had to wake up to study for exams, I made sure I drank enough water before going to sleep. Soon, in a weeks time, one can decide how much water will ring the bell at what time. Don't try this if you have wet-morning history.

Just before going to sleep, one of my friends used to talk to himself, and say "4 O' Clock! 4 O' Clock!". I don't know if self hypnotism works for all, but this guy used to wake up.

Nowadays, owing to late working hours, I use what I like to call the triple-alarm-hack. Suppose I want to wake up at 5:30 am. I set an alarm at 5:20, then 5:25 and a third one at 5:30. So when the alarm goes off at 5:20 (and My inner self talks to me and says, "Hey, you need some sleep, you went to bed pretty late yesterday."), and then irritates me a couple of times again, I am pretty well up and ready-to-go!

Well, well... What hacks do you folks use to wake up early?