Hell's Kitchen

Hell's Kitchen (1.2 MB | Mp3)
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This is folks, my first online rap,
some of you may think this is all crap,
I'll tell you why I changed mah style,
will you sit still and listen for a while

A long time back and a mood romantic,
and I found a CD in the dusty attic,
A snapshot of time is what I found,
and sent it to a pal, in the states home-bound

She said hay' hay listen up buddy,
I think your voice-voice is rap-ready,
A style that suits suits your voice,
is qawaali and yapping and lot of white noise

So here mah people is my rap online,
and the feelin' I think is divine,
No more crooning love songs fella,
for I've begun lovin' the kitchen of the hella'

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