How to improve your conversations
I was talking (chatting actually) to a friend over meebo (check it out, it's amazing). I was pondering about what can be added to MetaMorf to make it a much more exciting experience for you (yes you reading this).

I thought about adding more dialogue with you. Dialogue that's relevent to each one of us. Our lives. I thought about howtos, recipes, sharing stuff, lifehacks and stuff from all you guys out there. I want to improve our conversation and make MetaMorf a richer community.

To begin with I found a partial list of tips to improve conversations from Dave:

1. Whether you are religious or not, tell yourself that God is speaking to you through the other person.

2. Imagine yourself in a game with the following rule: "Whoever talks first loses."

And I added more to it:

3. Add trust by looking the person in the eye. You may want to decide how much you do it depending on what relationship the person has with you. Don't make your boss feel barbecued.

4. Let your body do the talking. Hello... Whats with the pelvic movements? I didn't(please sit down!) mean that!

Use gestures and expressions to add impact. Say "It was so high that..." with raised eyebrows and "Just a small bug..." with a holding-a-pin gesture.

5. Listen.

6. React when listening. This is helpful when you want to let the person know whether you agree or not. Nod, or cross your eyebrows periodically.

7. Stroke your chin or beard to *show* that you are pondering. (This holds good for business discussions)

Now, Do you have ideas that improve the quality of your conversations? If so, please take a moment and share it with other MetaMorfers. Yes, you!

Thanks to you all for adding to the list on improving conversations. Keep commenting and adding till we have enough and I will republish the list with all the points. This is productive collaboration. Or should I say, collaborative productivity? Good goin' Folks!