iPod Etiquette
Update: PK has shared amazing information about Phone etiquette.

For all those who get turned on by gadgets and gizmoes(or is it gizmos?) and the slick iPod in particular, this one's for you. MetaMorf is witnessing the coinage of a new term called iPODiquette.

iPodiquette = iPod + etiquette

If you can manage the iPod-induced hearing problems, you will still see eyebrows being raised at office spaces for your obsession with your prized possesion.

Some "watch-your-stepisms"(coinage again, the mint is on steroids) from USATODAY:

• Let others know you're putting your iPod on to concentrate on work -- that it's your "no distraction" time, (etiquette consultant Hilka) Klinkenberg said.

• If a worker approaches you, take earbuds out of both ears. Even if your iPod is off, having an earphone in even one ear is still disrespectful, (etiquette consultant R.R.) Smith said.

• Absolutely no singing, head bopping or banging -- or bringing the iPod to meetings, she added.

Folks, are you listening? ;)