September 28, 2005


The Cab Age
If you are thinking we are talking of vegetables, think beyond. We are talking of the new age, the age of the cab, the Cab-age. A view from my office tells me how indispensable is the new age, and how dependent are we on the culture that's setting in.

I take an office cab to commute to work daily morning. Some days are just a 'Hi!' and complete silence, while others are muffled in conversation, on how really crazy are the guys on FM to think of such mind-boggingly hilarious promos and laugh-a-minutes.

The FM decides what the mood of the short 20-minute travel will be. Somebody irked by ill-natured humor tells us how old this joke was and how his grampa had sent this to him when he was still a grandkid. Another is urged to tell us what Raaga does the latest hip-hop song playing on the box belong to. Whether it is Shivaranjini or Malhaar is one battle, and whether I want to know all this knowledge or not is another.

I have had my own Cabventures, which were not very ambitious in nature but definitely required a rock-solid determination. I have scampered into the cab when the posterior of the cab had a space inversely proportional to product of space I require in cab and the persistence and pretence of a fellow colleague to lounge and listen to the FM with closed eyes. Maybe this, he thinks impedes any dialogue and discussion, and allows him to continue the posture.

Once I have made my way to the 1ft X 1ft space and cramped my morning muscles there, the FM plays a shampoo advertisement and a male voice says

"What a wonderful fragrance... You are mesmerising."

when my eyes meet my neighbour's and she's almost blushing at the coincidence. I soon realized that her hair appeared wet, and they did exude a wonderful fragrance. I took a deep breath to figure out whether the fragrance was indeed mesmerising. What I inhaled, transported me to my college days, and in a fraction of a second I was choking at the remnants of a broken beaker with ammonia spilt all over. I came back to the present choking, just to realize that somebody's digestive system had decided to mesmerise me. Every gasp after that was other-worldly.

Another experience was when a woman(old?) pretending as a girl was spilling with make up, and puckered her lips, and the FM played an AXE ad which defined the theory of relativity as
"If you sit on a stove for a minute, it feels like many hours...But if you kiss a girl for many hours it feels like only a minute!"
I did not look up to lock eyes with her again throughout the way to office.

Yet another, was when all were talking of what kind of music each one liked and related to something or the other on the radio channel. When my turn came, I didn't have to wait for the channel to play my kind of music. I heard a few scratches on vinyl from the speaker, and I said
"That's it...That's my type of music!.."

and I was nodding my head to the beats and swaying my hands as if I was scratching the vinyl. Within a few beats the song (which was an advert) metamorphosed into a graphic expression of family planning and the use of contraceptives and the importance of getting sterilized. I could not scratch any more, the tempo just went down with raised eyebrows and giggling faces.

When you have immersed yourself in the Cab-age, tell me what you like in the main course! Any Cabventures on your side?

Katrina's Beauty

September 25, 2005


Katrina, and all hurricanes are named mostly after females. The reasons could be arising from the fact that some women are dangerously beautiful and others beautifully dangerous.

Saurav, a keen metamorfer has sent us these images via email. Kudos, these are fantastic, Saurav!


Shake yer Booty!

September 21, 2005


Scratch it up!

Scratching is a DJ or turntablist technique originated by Grand Wizard Theodore, an early hip hop DJ from New York (AMG). The technique is designed to accentuate the work of the DJ by creating an assortment of sounds through the rhythmical manipulation of a vinyl record, and has spread from hip hop culture to a number of other musical forms. Within hip hop culture, scratching is still of great importance in determining the skill of a DJ, and a number of competitions are held across the globe in which DJs battle one another in displays of great virtuosity.

Bingo Baby Babe (amazing Scratches)

Open   in RealPlayer or Windows Media Player

Download the Track

Sweet Life

Open   in RealPlayer or Windows Media Player

Download the Track

Downtempo (or DownTempo) is a laid-back electronic music style often intended more for listening and socializing than dancing, though some releases are unmistakably produced for the dance floor. Often the names lounge music or chill out are used to refer to songs demonstrative of the genre, but those names also refer to other styles of music, and downtempo encompasses a wider variety of styles than those terms alone would indicate.

Coast to coast

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Download the Track

Granados: Spanish Dance n. 2
A beautiful instrumental piece: Very Loungish

Open   in RealPlayer or Windows Media Player

Download the Track

I like to listen to Lounge, Fusion, Sufi and Good Remixes.
The Artists I like, in no particular order, are:

Prem Joshua (right now a top fave)
Mynta (the ever-changing group)
Shankar Mahadevan (for vocal fluctuations)
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan (A true legend)
Karsh Kale
The Buddha Bar Artists
and many more...

What about you? Who and What do you like?


September 19, 2005


Contest ImageWell, the first question is:

What movie is that?

and the second question is:

Who all are the cast?


metatoon #2

September 16, 2005


Metatoon 2

Twin Towers

September 13, 2005


Twin towers at nightSagar Kulkarni has sent in amazing pictures of views from his window. What we can see above is a glimpse of the searchlights which are placed where the Twin Towers once reigned. For those who like to see the Portrait version, here it is:

Twin towers at night

Thank you

September 12, 2005


Thank you
I felt I wanted to thank all who were in one way or more helped me become what I am today, directly or indirectly, consciously or subconsciously. I wanted to thank them for helping me pushing my limits, encouraging me at all times, and providing good competetion and friction to fight back and emerge. I wanted to thank them was helping me discover more than what was my share, for letting me sneak into their psyche, for allowing me to advise and introspect, for letting me reinvent myself umpteen times.

Mom - For telling me what perseverance and persistence means
Atul(my Bro) - for irritating me towards perfection
Pittya - for teaching me how to adapt to situations
Lambya - for being a real good thought-cycle partner - Miss the discussions!
Dhanu - for letting me know how much I can mean to someone

Kedar - For bringing out the linguist in me
Santosh - For being a wonderful mentee and making me proud
Divya - For being the most wonderful bouncing board for me
Sasmeeta - Kiddin' yeah?
Amit Singhjee - For helping me understand the difference between man and human
Vibhay - For letting me understand when NOT to jump to conclusions
Anusuya - For trusting me so much
Gunjan - like minds repel?
Shashwat - like minds rebel!
Rahul - Patience...
Ashu - For asking me the same questions that I once faced myself, and letting me answer them.
Seenu - For being timeless and infinite

Thank somebody if you want to from the bottom of your heart, and don't delay...

Damsels in Distress

September 09, 2005


Damsel in Distress
This one is for each one of you out there who cannot curb the animal within themselves. The Anusuya in the following conversation could be you, your acquaintance, your relative, your wife and anybody whose well being matters to you.

Why, why do we have to live a life fighting all sorts of fears?

You are either the hunter or the hunted. But the question is,

Why Hunt?

Anusuya (9/9/2005 10:27:46 AM): hey buddy... there is this guy called Manoj
Anusuya (9/9/2005 10:28:23 AM): he is probably my dad's age.... i met him in one of these grocery stores
Anusuya (9/9/2005 10:28:53 AM): and u know wht... this a&#hole keeps hitting on me
Anusuya (9/9/2005 10:29:21 AM): i did'nt know this...
The Counsellor (9/9/2005 10:29:31 AM): oh...
Anusuya (9/9/2005 10:29:49 AM): i was looking for a job... and he knew a lot of contacts
The Counsellor (9/9/2005 10:29:58 AM): okay...
Anusuya (9/9/2005 10:30:04 AM): and infact he was the one who came with the offer
Anusuya (9/9/2005 10:30:14 AM): and i said ok.. i'll give a try
The Counsellor (9/9/2005 10:30:26 AM): hmmmm... then?
Anusuya (9/9/2005 10:30:27 AM): i got the job but had visa probs
Anusuya (9/9/2005 10:30:47 AM): and then he called up once... casually
The Counsellor (9/9/2005 10:31:00 AM): All right
Anusuya (9/9/2005 10:31:50 AM): he started talking and suddenly the movie topic came up and he started asking abt a couple of movies
Anusuya (9/9/2005 10:32:12 AM): like if i've seen disclosure, basic instinct and stuff
Anusuya (9/9/2005 10:32:24 AM): and i said yes.. i've seen all of them
The Counsellor (9/9/2005 10:32:56 AM): hmm...
Anusuya (9/9/2005 10:32:58 AM): and this idiot was like "so do u like such sex based movies.. oh i am very fond of them"
Anusuya (9/9/2005 10:33:33 AM): i lied to him saying i have another phone coming and hung up the phone
Anusuya (9/9/2005 10:33:47 AM): i just kept avoiding him
The Counsellor (9/9/2005 10:33:56 AM): When was this?
Anusuya (9/9/2005 10:34:11 AM): 2 and half years back
Anusuya (9/9/2005 10:34:25 AM): and then he disappeared
The Counsellor (9/9/2005 10:34:38 AM): You met him in your vicinity?
Anusuya (9/9/2005 10:35:45 AM): on sunday... i met him again in one of the kannada functions
Anusuya (9/9/2005 10:36:23 AM): he took my phone number...
Anusuya (9/9/2005 10:36:31 AM): well i met him in a grocery store
The Counsellor (9/9/2005 10:36:38 AM): okay
The Counsellor (9/9/2005 10:36:53 AM): he took your phone number...again?
The Counsellor (9/9/2005 10:36:56 AM): when was this?
Anusuya (9/9/2005 10:37:08 AM): he came to know that my hubby will be out of town..
Anusuya (9/9/2005 10:37:25 AM): my hubby was talking to him and might have probably told him
Anusuya (9/9/2005 10:37:45 AM): he came to me and asked who wud be with me..
Anusuya (9/9/2005 10:38:04 AM): i replied plainly... my son
Anusuya (9/9/2005 10:39:13 AM): and then he goes.. u know wht if i am in ur area i'll just drop by to ur place
Anusuya (9/9/2005 10:39:18 AM): i freaked uot
Anusuya (9/9/2005 10:39:21 AM): out
The Counsellor (9/9/2005 10:39:28 AM): yes
Anusuya (9/9/2005 10:40:37 AM): and he asked if i'll be home all day.. i said yeah.. but i take my son out to parks and story time and stuff
Anusuya (9/9/2005 10:41:03 AM): i don't know why wud he want and come andsee me... a&#hole
Anusuya (9/9/2005 10:41:08 AM): and today he calls up
Anusuya (9/9/2005 10:41:16 AM): thank heavens i have a caller id
The Counsellor (9/9/2005 10:41:44 AM): calls up and sez what?
Anusuya (9/9/2005 10:41:57 AM): i did'nt pick up the phone
Anusuya (9/9/2005 10:42:05 AM): and he did'nt leave a message
Anusuya (9/9/2005 10:42:09 AM): 1 min
The Counsellor (9/9/2005 10:42:20 AM): hmm..
Anusuya (9/9/2005 10:44:25 AM): but i am soooooooo mad at this idiot.. he is sooo old
Anusuya (9/9/2005 10:44:34 AM): i am like his daughter
Anusuya (9/9/2005 10:44:44 AM): he's got a wife, a son and a daughter
Anusuya (9/9/2005 10:45:20 AM): i was tellin my hubby all theese things
The Counsellor (9/9/2005 10:45:36 AM): It's bad...
Anusuya (9/9/2005 10:45:39 AM): i know
Anusuya (9/9/2005 10:45:52 AM): his intentions are clear Counsellor
The Counsellor (9/9/2005 10:46:06 AM): Next time you see him...
The Counsellor (9/9/2005 10:46:10 AM): Call him Uncle...
The Counsellor (9/9/2005 10:46:16 AM): and ask him How is his wife..
The Counsellor (9/9/2005 10:46:28 AM): always ask him how his wife is
Anusuya (9/9/2005 10:46:59 AM): my hubby was sooooooo mad... he was swearing
Anusuya (9/9/2005 10:47:16 AM): and my prob is i cannot tell anybody to f*** off
The Counsellor (9/9/2005 10:47:50 AM): I know you...
The Counsellor (9/9/2005 10:47:56 AM): yes, you cannot...
Anusuya (9/9/2005 10:48:07 AM): i just don't know how to do it
The Counsellor (9/9/2005 10:50:09 AM): yeah.. true
Anusuya (9/9/2005 10:50:17 AM): i get soooo mad and disturbed and scared
The Counsellor (9/9/2005 10:50:19 AM): cool down...
Anusuya (9/9/2005 10:50:27 AM): i don't him to land up here
Anusuya (9/9/2005 10:50:44 AM): Can you sense how mad I am?
The Counsellor (9/9/2005 10:50:50 AM): he will not...
The Counsellor (9/9/2005 10:50:53 AM): don't worry
The Counsellor (9/9/2005 10:51:18 AM): If he does... just call up his wife and ask her...
The Counsellor (9/9/2005 10:51:24 AM): how come you did not come?
The Counsellor (9/9/2005 10:51:34 AM): Your hubby has come alone here...
Anusuya (9/9/2005 10:52:05 AM): first i am going to make sure... he does not show up
Anusuya (9/9/2005 10:53:56 AM): a&#hole a&#hole #@$%$%%#$^&
The Counsellor (9/9/2005 10:55:00 AM): cool cool
Anusuya (9/9/2005 10:55:09 AM): when i was in 7th std and incident occured adn i drove the guy out
The Counsellor (9/9/2005 10:56:18 AM): Who?
The Counsellor (9/9/2005 10:56:20 AM): When?
Anusuya (9/9/2005 10:56:25 AM): i wish i cud just tell people to shut up right on their face
Anusuya (9/9/2005 10:56:45 AM): i just cannot... i don't how to be rude
Anusuya (9/9/2005 10:56:51 AM): probably i shud learn
Anusuya (9/9/2005 10:57:04 AM): this guy was a doctor and i used to call him uncle
The Counsellor (9/9/2005 10:57:29 AM): okay...
The Counsellor (9/9/2005 10:57:31 AM): and
Anusuya (9/9/2005 10:58:01 AM): he had a daughter
The Counsellor (9/9/2005 10:58:08 AM): okay...
Anusuya (9/9/2005 10:58:11 AM): he wud visit occassionally
Anusuya (9/9/2005 10:58:18 AM): and i never doubted anything
The Counsellor (9/9/2005 10:58:39 AM): and
Anusuya (9/9/2005 10:59:02 AM): one fine day he came when i had jsut returned from school ... my mom was not home yet
Anusuya (9/9/2005 10:59:27 AM): this guy comes and i talk as ussual and told him mom wud be here soon
The Counsellor (9/9/2005 10:59:42 AM): okay
Anusuya (9/9/2005 10:59:46 AM): and then he suddenly asked do u know wht are blue films
Anusuya (9/9/2005 11:00:33 AM): i freaked out... and acted as though i had no idea wht he was talking abt and said no i don't know
Anusuya (9/9/2005 11:01:01 AM): and then he said hey i've got books for Sumati(his daughter) .. wud u like to see them...
The Counsellor (9/9/2005 11:01:45 AM): and
Anusuya (9/9/2005 11:01:47 AM): he got a couple of books and he showed me a coloring book.. i said it's nice and gave it back to him
The Counsellor (9/9/2005 11:02:30 AM): Okay...
Anusuya (9/9/2005 11:02:37 AM): and then he opened another book and goes "have u seen such pics" it was a porno book
The Counsellor (9/9/2005 11:02:48 AM): omg
Anusuya (9/9/2005 11:03:24 AM): i don't know wht got into me... i said "hey why don't u show this to Sumati.. she might enjoy it better
The Counsellor (9/9/2005 11:03:46 AM): fantastic
Anusuya (9/9/2005 11:03:51 AM): and i told him to leave right then and told him never to come home when i was alone
Anusuya (9/9/2005 11:04:00 AM): this guy was sorry sorry and stuff
Anusuya (9/9/2005 11:04:36 AM): and i threatened him to tell aparna aunty(his wife)
Anusuya (9/9/2005 11:04:49 AM): he left immediately with a sorry
Anusuya (9/9/2005 11:05:26 AM): and shmeless creature... he happened to meet my mom on the way and came back with her for a cup of coffee
Anusuya (9/9/2005 11:05:42 AM): i pulled my mom inside and told her everything
Anusuya (9/9/2005 11:06:04 AM): before my mom cud react... he just left saying he is getting late
The Counsellor (9/9/2005 11:07:10 AM): hummm
The Counsellor (9/9/2005 11:07:20 AM): it's quite disturbing
Anusuya (9/9/2005 11:07:36 AM): u know wht... even when i told himm to get lost.. i was not very aggressive
The Counsellor (9/9/2005 11:07:40 AM): you must have flashedback to this incident
The Counsellor (9/9/2005 11:07:53 AM): he had not expected that
Anusuya (9/9/2005 11:08:15 AM): it is disturbing
The Counsellor (9/9/2005 11:08:16 AM): He must have tried that on many a youngsters earlier
Anusuya (9/9/2005 11:10:00 AM): my hubby said not to pick this guys phone at all..
Anusuya (9/9/2005 11:10:08 AM): why even get into anything
Anusuya (9/9/2005 11:10:32 AM): he'll call a couple of times and finally give up
The Counsellor (9/9/2005 11:10:56 AM): yes
Anusuya (9/9/2005 11:10:58 AM): i fel like throwing up...

When will things change?

What's in your Pocket-Survey!

September 07, 2005


What's in your pocket?
Found this on the net somewhere...Looks like a blog survey.
Copy this and paste it as a comment and add your answers! We wanna know! :D

1. What is your favourite colour?

Black, after that gray, then white. Maroon, and shades of Blue come next.

2. Tell me about a talent or skill you possess, which I've not yet witnessed or discovered.

I can make people laugh. *poke*

3. What was your favourite subject in school? (I think this means primarily elementary school, when you were a child, but if you had a favourite subject in secondary or university you can tell me about that, too!)

I loved English. And to some extent Geography, and Biology ;)
Then at college I liked Computer Gfx/Multimedia and Operations Research

4. What is one place to which you've never been, but you'd like to visit, someday? (Locally or abroad)

Australia. And the Louvre, Paris.

5. Are you a morning person or a night person?

Depends on what I am going to do...Hahaha

6. Are you left-handed or right-handed?

7. Did astronauts really land on the moon, or was it all a hoax?

It was a hoax.
8. What's in your pocket? Or Wallet? Or Purse? (Or if there's nothing in your pocket at present, what sorts of things are most often in your pockets?)
* Some form of plastic money
* An old diary that I use as a bizcard holder. Some people mistake it for a wallet, and it is ages and ages old. It has cracks!
* Some old bills and ATM reciepts.
* On a weekday and in office, my Swipe-card
* Money. Keys. Cellphone

9. In 10 years, you see yourself... (Finish that any way you desire.)

looking back at where I was. I want to do a lot of things, but let's hope for the best. I want to exhibit and begin dealing in my Art. Start a Hotel. Be a design exponent. Cut a Lounge Album.

10. There's a power outage, and you don't have a generator. This means no electronics - no computer, no telly, no videos, no stereo and no electric heat or electric kettle - what do you do to keep warm, content and entertained?

I will shuttle between painting, Novels and Bed. Hmmm... Anybody game for the warm part?

11. What's one thing you cannot bring yourself to eat?

Pundi Palya (a very pungent vegetable my granny, and similar generation Ex people like)

metatoon #1

September 04, 2005


Metatoon 1
Beginning today, metamorfers will see a new branch for entertainment. It's called the metatoon!
Thanks a ton to the stripcreator! So toon in Folks! And leave your comments! Tell us what you would want to see at metamorf!

Petty Talk


Pet talk
I was telling a friend that if I ever think of getting a pet for myself, it's definitely going to be a couple of speckled padlopers. Long ago, I had seen them at a female friends' place, where they were referred to as Singapore Tortoise. They are immersive pieces of biology that can have you engaged for hours together.

Then my friend revealed that he would like to cherish a dog as a pet. I was beginning to think that dog, doggie and pet are so synonymous. And "My pet is a Dog!" is becoming so much clichéd than ever before.

Before, I could think more about pets and clichés, my friend started speaking.

"I have always loved dogs. And you know, the next very understanding being is the cow. I remember the time when I was rebuked for some felony of mine, and I would flee from home, and go and sit in the cowshed, speaking to my cow. Caressing it, talking to it, and complaining. Complaining about what I loved doing, and enjoyed, and the others despise. I used to cry, and the cow would do the same. Its patience and motionlessness subtracted all my agony. It crippled the complainer in me. It made me stable, more patient and more all-observing.

Then, there was Raja, my wonderful dog. I used to flee from home when punished, and a bewildered Raja would follow me. It would follow me to where my legs couldn't take any more, where I would succumb to the dust, in the shade of an old tree. He would try to keep pace, and would always snuggle up to me when I collapsed. Every single time I shoved it away, slapped across its face, and directed the lava of my angered vent towards Raja. It suffered every atrocity, every fit of anger with a perseverance that was infinite. With dropped ears, and moist eyes, and a tail tucked in its hind legs, it came back to me recursively. Every time it came back, it came back with a hope that I will be mellow again, without fearing whether this another attempt would result in a slap across its muzzle. Eventually, I would cool down and hug it close.

I learnt perseverance from Raja. A pet for me would be a dog. Now you know..."

With this he came back from the flashback, and the haze disappeared from his eyes, as they focussed at me and his mind synchronised with the present.

I was moved, but I would still have a couple of speckled padlopers.

What kind of pet would you (or do you) have?


September 03, 2005



What are friends for?

They are people, of all sorts. Of different shapes, sizes who come with different versions of their Intelellectual capacities.
They are people who are close to you, to your self, to what you call your alter ego.

Why do you need them?

To listen to you when you are in need. To talk to them about how low you feel when you hit the bottom of the emotional pit.

But does that happen always?

No, not at all times. Not when they are smaller in emotional capacity and in intellectual comprehension. Not when they cannot see, what you draw out of immense pain and trauma. Not when they cease to understand your language. Not when your emotional vocabulary is much more comprehensive when compared to theirs, and they do not understand your articulations.

Crowded Solitude

When people yearn to learn from you, more than what you would ever expect to learn from them, it becomes a pain, and an unbearable one at that. When you have scoured them inside out, and have exhausted every emotion and every moment that seemed to have existed, you cannot take it any more.

When you meet somebody in the quest to learn something that will belittle you, your knowledge, your triumph, your fight, your hunger and your self, then you find what you already have in you, but nobody knew. Nobody knew because you never advertised. And you never advertised because you never felt it was big enough for advertisement.

Continued Pretention

I have friends, really good friends. And they are the elixir of my life.

What do you think?
Do other metamorfers think at all?

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