Thank you
I felt I wanted to thank all who were in one way or more helped me become what I am today, directly or indirectly, consciously or subconsciously. I wanted to thank them for helping me pushing my limits, encouraging me at all times, and providing good competetion and friction to fight back and emerge. I wanted to thank them was helping me discover more than what was my share, for letting me sneak into their psyche, for allowing me to advise and introspect, for letting me reinvent myself umpteen times.

Mom - For telling me what perseverance and persistence means
Atul(my Bro) - for irritating me towards perfection
Pittya - for teaching me how to adapt to situations
Lambya - for being a real good thought-cycle partner - Miss the discussions!
Dhanu - for letting me know how much I can mean to someone

Kedar - For bringing out the linguist in me
Santosh - For being a wonderful mentee and making me proud
Divya - For being the most wonderful bouncing board for me
Sasmeeta - Kiddin' yeah?
Amit Singhjee - For helping me understand the difference between man and human
Vibhay - For letting me understand when NOT to jump to conclusions
Anusuya - For trusting me so much
Gunjan - like minds repel?
Shashwat - like minds rebel!
Rahul - Patience...
Ashu - For asking me the same questions that I once faced myself, and letting me answer them.
Seenu - For being timeless and infinite

Thank somebody if you want to from the bottom of your heart, and don't delay...