Different views
I sent people copies of That Sunday. I got responses, some verbal, some over phone at 64kbps, and others in the form of Anonymous comments.

One friend (who wanted to remain anonymous when I told him I want to discuss his view in the open) was very inquisitive about the whole incident.

After office on our way home, he asked me,
"Haan... Now tell me...from the beginning... What all happened?".

I told him the story all over again, and he absorbed every bit like a sponge.

"You must have been shocked?" he pondered.

"Yes...It was bizarre"

"Hmm...What if you would have let her stay at your place?"

"But it was not required...and it was not a solution to the problem"

"The security and the Police was the best to take care of her"

I had never expected him to show so much concern. It was, if nothing else, a little too surprising, knowing the kind of person he is. And then it dawned on me, and it was correctly complemented with his next expression.

"How was she like? Was she good looking?"

Giving out a subconscious sigh, I went on,
"The face was very innocent, troubled, why, the face when you have lost your way and somebody close to you... It was disturbed."

Justifying his mental schemes with the Come'on-this-is-what-would-be-on-anybody's-mind laughter, he asked,

"Was she fair?... or erm... well..." he was as cautious as one would be while diffusing a bomb. One wrong wire, and everything could be in a mess.

"Why does it make a difference?"

"She had already decided that this is the way things could turn, she was ready for anything assuming she had to bargain something for a refuge...I mean... look from the Point-of-View of a general human being... Why would she ask you, of all the people?"

I faked a smile, trying to make sure the bomb doesn't go off.

"Ah, well..." I raised my eyebrows sarcastically.

"Sorry Amit, I didn't mean it that way. I meant look at it like how the world sees it."

"Why does it have to be an effort NOT to follow? Why can't we NOT belong to a particular mass psychology. Just because the world thinks in a particular fashion, why should you do the same?"

I wished he had seen the face. But, would he really have seen the face at all? Would he not ignore the lamenting face completely?

It's not his mistake. Is he wrong? No.
He is just a personification of the social psychology. He is just a representative.
The difference is that he is just one of the rare few who have an opinion, and honestly admit it. It needs guts to express what he did. Unlike others, who would have been dormant volcanoes, erupting just after a whole village built their houses at its foot.

How if, for a change, each had a mind of their own?