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Leaving Bangalore and coming to Gurgaon has been quite a heady decision. No idea what way it goes. Reaching Nizammudin on the 3rd of May and reaching Gurgaon on the 5th. On the 3rd night at Kaka's place, there was a power cut, which gave me a sneak preview of what was in store for me in days to come. It has been a Mega Solitude since the time I came to Gurgaon. It's a place of distances, and one would do real good with possession of a car.

Good I found an Art Gallery near my place, where I can hang out on sabbaticals. Food comes at a premium and is nowhere as accessible as it was in Bangalore. The air is hot, and the temperature soaring. More water trickles down my forehead than I can consume in a day. Most dust settles in on things, than I can clean up in a day's time.

The kitchen is in place with a gas stove and all the essential paraphernalia. The Makaanmaalik is a real kewl guy who got me a big Almirah, where I can now stuff my goodies.

I got a Diwan made according to my design and taste, and Sarfaraz and Arif (two off-the-road carpenter brothers) did a real fabulous job out of it. I simply love it. Then I did a little tweak to the interiors with a couple of setees and a glass tepoy. The one thing that's killing is the pink color of walls. Maybe when I have a few of my paintings on the walls, it could change the look drastically. The indoor cooler's neutral gray blends in with the urban design and hip color coordination I am aiming at.

The Art gallery (curated by Shobha, and called Quill and Canvas) hosts and array of mid-segment work from time to time. Last time it was Partho Chatterjee. Great works and queer shaped frames. It also hosts an array of Hussain Lithos, which are around a tag of 15K and look like a good investment. Maybe next year (if I finally buy one this year) it would be around 30-35K.

All what I can say is, Let's wait for things to fall in place!