Fizzy Drink
Yes, that's what life is!

You either are too excited to finish it before the fizz goes away, or try and relish every drop that travels starting at your throat through the infinitely intertwined intestines, only to realise, that in the process of enjoying it for a longer time, the fizz no longer exists.

The drink is now flat. Monotonous.

You pretend to enjoy it, and always reply "Great!" to the question you dread most:

"How's Life?"

And when your catchphrase for life is "Been there. Done that!", you hear people telling you what you did as a 4th Grader.

"You know the letter that comes after A?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, there's something new that has come up... ever heard of B?"

"B?" It has never been any wierder than this for you.

"Yeah, B. Add another two E's and the letter N! Voila... you have BEEN!"


"How's that for a mind-blowing word? You can use it in combination with other words to make a sentence or a Catchphrase! Erm... I thought you knew something about this?"

You are torn between the desire to tear apart your tranquil self and be an exhibitionist demonstrating what you know, screaming at the top of your voice

"Hey you! You Half-wit moron! How about 'Been there. Done That.'!!!???"

or to succumb to the ignorant atrocities of those who are possessed. Possessed with the thought that they possess something that you don't and it's their birthright to educate you about what they always felt you didn't know!

The world is about mediocrity advertising at PrimeTime. People no longer are influenced by PrimeTime... They love the advertisements.

What you can concoct with you cerebral capacity is nothing if you cannot advertise, or you haven't done it yet if you feel you still are on your way to enlightenment, or it's disgusting for you to be an exhibitionist.

"Power is knowing that you can, but you don't" is extinct.

"Power is knowing that the other can, so strangle him." is in.

Try guzzling it down before somebody comes and tells you,

"Hey, that's a Fizzy Drink! Catch a glimpse if you haven't seen one yet!"

Hmm... It tastes Good. Let's see how long the Fizz lasts!