The night of the Illuminati

After reading a Chapter of the Angels and Demons, and being exhausted both mentally and physically after the long walk back home after dinner, I finally decided to surrender to Hypnos

I don't know when Morpheus came over and took control, but he was not very successful, as all I could see was some cardinal burning alive from the episode of the novel. I was there when a shady Illuminatus burnt the cardinal alive, just as he had promised to the media and the world.

It started getting hot, and I realised I was profusely sweating.

"He must be feeling really badly scorched!" I thought.

I wanted to get out of this place and then I heard the crackling of the fire, as clearly as the I could hear the popping blisters on the cardinals toes and posterior.

This was when Morpheus admitted his failure and left me awake. It was hot alright, and I was sweating profusely. Then I realised I was awake and mopping my forehead. I still heard some commotion.

If it was a dream, and there was no real cardinal burning alive, why was I hearing things? I turned around to see a glow like I had never seen. A glow like I had imagined, and it was flickering, huge, and orange. It looked like a bonfire, only it looked like it was 20 feet high! I started all mental permutations and combinations of what could be beyond my dusty windows.

I finally decided this was happening, and I donned a shirt and wore my sandals and was out on the road. They all were there. The glow was illuminating the road to the end. Through my hazy eyes I looked at the source, which was like an oxy-acetylene lamp mounted on a pole, and gave out an orange glow instead of a blue one.

A thick cable burnt away to glory with spine chilling fireworks, and kept an audience of around 20 awe-struck, while others looked on from their distant rooftops. The effect was captivating, and I started contemplating what all should I carry with me if my rented house decides to get consumed.

The fireworks ended with a soft pop, and thankfully a lot before the audience went blind.
Was I alone?
No, I could hear the muffled voices, coughing and some choked. It was just that the luminous fog still hung around my eyes. It was 1:48 PM by my cell phone, and I decided to go back to sleep. I knew power will be out for another couple of hours.

The only things I remember after that is the slight whirring of the AirCooler indicating the power was back, and my alarm blaring in the morning.

"Good Morning. Hope you liked the fireworks arranged at little after midnight, and the stench of the burnt rubber cable."

"Thanks a lot. I am Enlightened!"