Love is all around you
This post may not last long. After writing, I decided this is going to be just a temporary fizzle.

I thought I'd not get a chance to push a post at all on this warm day. Yes, as they say, love is in the air.

Some have looked forward to this day to flaunt their significant others, and some to hold their head high for the pride of treading it solo.

I have tripped many a times, and stood up and dusted my posterier everytime. Now the journey has become so precocious that I hardly trip.

Earlier people pointed at my greased, frayed denim, and questioned "Where have you been? Who did that to you?".

I weathered them umpteen times. I took bites of wax apples. I liked art that was already sold. I took roads already travelled.

Now, I sit in a high-backed chair, keying silently with all my pride. I seldom wear denim. I indulge in speckless sartorial excellence. I hate all apples. Real or wax. I make my own art, so I don't have to buy. I make my own roads, and invite people to cruise.

I choose. I.

I am independent, the architect of my own destiny.

I choose my crime, and I choose my partners.

Truth is much more enticing than a dreamy valentines day.
Are you one of those who doesn't require a crutch because you can't cope with reality alone?