Of physiological manipulations and more...
I recall a time when I was at a Fashion Design School (I'd better be killed for not naming it, than face a names-dropping retribution) campus. Making it a point to indulge in sartorial excellence, I decked in my best Armani and Gucci lookalikes, including the glitzy mother-of-pearl cufflinks. When I was there at the campus, I discovered that I stood out of the crowd. Before you start imagining why, I should admit that I was actually the odd one out.

I was the only one in a formal attire there, like a scarecrow in a huge field of naked harvest. They were all in frayed denim, show-all-those-protrusions teeny-weeny itsy-bitsy nothingness, and tatters that I couldn't comprehend.

Thinking about it again, I felt I did leave an impression on people. Maybe more than what would have been possible if everybody turned up in the all-slick-eat-that-brick look. Well, heads did turn.

Now, look at what I have found today. History will repeat(Oh, yes, I am looking forward to it!)

In the years to come, I will make heads turn again (you got it wrong again!).

2057 A.D.: At a party, I walk in and make heads turn. Some stop, some drop their jaws, some wince, some watch in awe. A perfect unadulterated(in the literary sense) human!

You go on and get those subdermally implanted protrusions (as if what you already had wasn't enough?). I will wait.

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