Flash 5 - Kick Start: Free Download
To all the SuperFolks at getting together and talking about the size of their footwear when they were behind the curtains, here's a thumbs up! Thanks for de-lurking after a long time and sharing your views about the facelift. Your feedback will ensure making metamorf one of the most loved places on the Internet.

Good that you are in the open now. It's okay, we are all the same. No need to hide your stuff and pretend to be shy. Oh C'mon!

Okay, Two things, again:

1. Free Flash Book. I am giving out free copies of my long lost Flash Book that never made it to print. I found it again. Yay!
When Flash was still in the 5th version, Flash 5 - Kick Start was born. And before it could make it to print, they rolled out MX. Then a hard disk crashed somewhere and a CD got lost. And then, after a long time the book was found dormant in a CD. Here it is. Go ahead, grab a copy today!
Actual Writeup from the download site.

2. What's in your name? What does your name mean? Go ahead and tell us what your name is and what it means. Maybe somebody could use the meaning to recall your name.