Words that you keep uttering...
We all have a habit of uttering a few words or ishtyle utterances of our own. I have heard people do that as well! These words are an intrinsic (intrinsick?) part of our personalities, and are inseparable from the real us.

It so happens that a person grows from one signature style to another, from one word to another, from one wardrobe to another.

A few words or utterances that can I can call my trademark are:

waysht maanoos
third class (at times, Mahaa third class!)
dhakkan aadmi
Mandaakinigiri (Mandaakini: old Bollywood Actress)
Cleopatragiri (a derivative of Mandaakinigiri)
chyawanprash ke ad(trying to be an advertisement to sell something that no one intends to buy)

A few words or utterances that can I have heard from others are:

Is there a word/group of words that you can call your own? Share it with 'em!

;) Go ahead! Be a Waysht Maanoos!