Experimentation wins
What would happen if everybody followed? What if all innovations ceased to exist? What if there were no discoveries...no inventions? No breakthroughs, and nobody to challenge them? What if Newton never told the world that gravity existed? We would never have thought of journey through space, or devise the marslander.

Just because the early Church shared with the world that the earth was flat, should we blindly follow? Should Galileos amongst us not rise to the cause of being unconventional and share? The world would have been full of crippled minds and bodies if Galileo never shared his notes about the Earth being round.

If you were ever abducted by an alien from another world, would you not tell your friends to watch out? Would you let them continue to believe that there are no aliens?

Why is Dialogue important?
One: "The Earth is flat!"
Two: "Hmmm... Yeah I Know!"
Galileo: "Earth... Flat? Are you guys crazy? It's round...like a ball!"
One: "Errm...Is it? I need to listen to your side of the story..."
Two: "Let's talk over coffee! This sounds interesting..."

Here, Galileo contradicted One and Two by a different perspective. One and Two always thought they were correct. They would never have known whether their perspective of looking at things was correct. They were lucky to get an instant verbal feedback from Galileo and later pore over his notepad at the Coffee House.

If Galileo would have kept the knowledge and his perspective just to himself, he just prevented the world from going through a massive change in thought process, and impeded a lot of other things that were set into motion by him.

One should not be afraid of the consequences, but take complete responsibility of the actions. I should not be afraid of telling you what I feel, as long as you don't try to go ahead and tell me that I should feel exactly like you. I should respect your views, as you will have different perspectives.

But would it make any sense for one to live in his own world, with not a single care about what others opine?

Would you never write if there was so much to read? Maybe you could make a point.
Would you never speak if there was so much to listen to? Maybe you could be a voice.
Would you never love if there were so many who loved? Maybe you could make it warmer.

Anybody can descend a mountain. It's the ascent that needs a rebel.