Hmm... It's Tea Time Folks!

Yes, that's what I am! Ah well, If you aren't already indulging in tea, you should. Some of us like tea, and many of us are tea-addicts, so most of us will be glad to know that tea is good (in fact, very very good!).

I remember gulping in litres of tea during my college projects, and at all odd hours, and maybe that's what kept me going!

Well well, for those who want to sip more, here goes:

Tests at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, suggest that tea, and particularly green tea, may improve your memory and slow the onset of Alzheimer's.

A previous study in Chicago of people prone to tension headaches found that caffeine alone gave as much pain relief as ibuprofen. And a team in Illinois have found that polyphenols in black tea stop plaque forming on your teeth, and reduce the level of cavity-forming acids. Green Tea combats cancer, protects your heart and also helps stop strokes.

"Chai" means to take apart or demolish in Chinese. When painted with a circle on old buildings and houses around Beijing, this character indicates areas marked for renovation and urban improvement. To some, the ubiquitous "chai" means progress.

Also, in Hebrew, Chai means Life!